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Dave Parkhurst

Sundays, at 8am, on AM 570 KVI .

Featuring Co-Host Lee Ryan and the best guest line up you could imagine. Really we mean it.

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Show Notes

Dave discusses what makes a great website. Some of the best practices include:

– Emotive design. You have to appeal visually to emotions first before people will consider your data. Use pictures and videos.

– Make sure the contact information and maps are right at the top of the site. Make it easy to do business with you.

– Make sure you have a strong, easily understood Call To Action repeating throughout the site.

– Use testimonies and reviews on your front page.

Dave & Andrew Ballard discussed using data from user groups to create the most effective website for your business.

Websites Featured on the Show

Orbit Wills is a great example of how to connect with the end user by using a video of the owner of the company. Notice that Annie doesn’t look like a typical lawyer. She is approachable and in a home setting and so identifies more with the average person needing a will. Click the picture below to see the live OrbitWills.Com site.

Guests Featured on the Show

Special Guest Andrew Ballard of Marketing Solutions joins Dave and Lee to talk about using data-driven design and customer user groups when determing the approach to a new or revamped website. Andrew is the author of “Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter. It’s Your Customer’s Opinion That Counts”.

For Andrew’s Free User Group Questionnaire, Click HERE

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Pro Marketing Tip of the Week

Andrew Ballard’s Pro Tip:

Overview of User Group: When launching a new or updating an existing website, engage a user group to test your website and provide feedback on what would make your site more user friendly. Start by recruiting five people (who represent your target audience) to participate. Next, develop a questionnaire with a scenario (objective of the test) and a short list of tasks for your user group to complete (click here for a free User Group Questionnaire Template). Finally, compile the results and look for and act on common themes to improve the user experience of your website.

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So, since today is our first episode, that doesn’t make a very big list. But you’ll notice we are Planning Ahead! That’s key to good marketing. So as time goes on and this site becomes one of your Go To resources for great marketing info for the Puget Sound area, you’ll be able to review shows you’ve heard or listen to episodes you miss. Assuming you miss an episode. Which you really shouldn’t. I’m just saying….